Firstly, congrats on your big day! I’m sure you will have an amazing time at your upcoming celebrations. You must have landed on our page looking for wedding films and candid wedding photographers to shoot your wedding. Do have a look around and we are sure you will fall in love with them.

Before we get into talking, let me welcome you to Creative Chisel. We are one of India’s leading wedding films and candid photography company. My name is Anand CJ and i started Creative Chisel with a vision to create personal wedding stories. We have been shooting weddings for over 5 years now, 150 weddings later – the journey has been fantastic.

about us
That’s me and my wife-Sushma. We have fun at weddings too!

At this point, let me just warn you that we are not just another run-of-a-mill wedding company. We cater to clients who come up us asking to make their wedding special and personal. We take up limited number of assignments so that we focus on quality. Also, making a personal wedding story is not work of a magic wand, hence it would need a proactive effort from your end to help us out weave the same.

You have come at the right place in if these words sound similar:

  • “We have seen tons of wedding videos by other companies that are just a template. EVERY WEDDING VIDEO LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME. Something personal and unique is what we are looking for.”
  •  “I do not want some random Bollywood or a cheesy songs as the background song for my wedding video, but am looking for something which is more soulful and elegant”
  • “A candid wedding photographer who deeply understands the meaning of capturing genuine moments from the wedding”
  • “The photographers and videographers at my sister’s wedding were so annoying, that i only remembering “fake” posing in front of the camera than enjoying the moment. I am SO NOT looking for an experience like that for my wedding”

If these are the questions popping in your head, you have come to the right place. Realising how unique each wedding is, we love narrating soulful stories of the same. That is also a reason why we only take on a limited number of weddings per year, much lesser than other wedding video companies.

Today, when you search for a Candid wedding photographer in Bangalore, or a destination photographer in India you might find hundreds of them. Many listed on vendor websites and numerous on Facebook. We feel choosing your wedding photographer and wedding films should be a high priority list in your wedding checklist as the pictures and the film is what remains forever. You should the pictures and videos even after 10 years and still feel touched. You must feel thankful that the photographer captured the emotions of your big day. Our focus is on capturing the essence of the wedding : Pictures and wedding films that are truly personal, genuine and something which you will cherish for a lifetime. Storytelling is the heart of each wedding we are a part of.

We started back in 2011 and there is no looking back from then on. This was when “candid wedding photography” or “candid wedding films” concept was nascent. We began with shooting weddings of friends, and then their friends and so on. We work closely with the bride and groom and the family members, and we become more of friends. It is a great profession to be in if you like meeting new people and travelling. Here are some reviews and kind words the clients have to say.

We are based out of Bangalore, but that does’t stop us taking up weddings in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Kerala or any part of India . We have been part of some beautiful weddings, like a Kashmiri wedding in Srinagar and some cross cultural weddings in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. Destination weddings in Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, Malaysia and Singapore are some as well. A wedding with new culture and setup always gets us all exciting, and we get a kick shooting them. So say you are having a Kodava Wedding or wedding in North-east, you get brownie points in our conversation 🙂

Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope to be a part of your big day! Now that you know about us, Please browse through the website for some beautiful wedding films and pictures we have created.

-Anand & Sushma