Love in the Western Ghats : The Kannada Wedding Video : {Kiran + Sushma}

Here is a Kannada wedding video and photography story which will make your day. This is the story of Kiran and Sushma, who decided to get married in the most personal, beautiful way possible. This wedding is also a great example of a destination wedding which is minus all the pomp and show, but still have a great time. This wedding shall remain as one of the most personal weddings we have been part of. Shot at Vihangama Resorts Thirthahalli and we had the time of our lives dancing with the bride and groom. This is the wedding of Kiran and Sushma which truly depicts the rich Indian tradition, the culture and beautiful landscape of the country side.

When we spoke to Kiran the first time, we were quite excited from that moment when he mentioned that his vision was to have a country side wedding. We love everything about this wedding – The rains, the chaos the madness and the entry of the groom. This was also our first wedding where we used a Drone to capture the aerial landscape of the region. The bullock cart is perhaps the South Indian version of the horse and it was a picturesque moment to see the groom parade on the same into the wedding venue.  Like we said, this is nothing short of a “Destination” wedding that is very personal and culturally rooted. This is definitely a Kannada wedding video highlights and photography assignment we shall remember for long.candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore18-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-f4730_edit22-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-_5034_edit24-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-_6829_edit41-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-f4847_edit52-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-_7192_edit55-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-_7227_edit69-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-f4873_edit73-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-_7498_edit81-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-_7558_edit89-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-_5391_edit102-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-_7698_edit99-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-_5486_edit136-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-_6135_edit158-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-f5065_edit161-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-f5154_edit169-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-f5249_edit182-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-_7881_edit202-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-f5320_edit203-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-_8054_edit206-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-_6571_edit229-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-_6840_edit245-candid-wedding-photographers-bangalore-_6958_editcandid wedding films bangalore

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