Love in Paradise : A Kashmiri Wedding Video in Srinagar {Gina + Tariq}

This Kashmiri Wedding Video is a heart-touching tale of two amazing people – Gina and Tariq. Shot in Srinagar, Kashmir, this video is a very special one for us. The beautiful kashmiri wedding documentary video showcases the beauty of Kashmir, and of course the Bride and Groom – Gina and Tariq.

Memories warm you up from the inside, make you smile and make you cry. This sums up what this kashmiri wedding film means to us. This was also our first Kashmiri wedding, which was like an icing to the cake. Kashmir is definitely a paradise on earth and we were eager to bring in the essence of the place into the wedding film and we did succeed.


Gina was following our work from quite long and fell in love with our work. She has seen several Kashmiri wedding video and she wanted something more personal and meaningful. We were quite eager to work this out too as the wedding was something which we hadn’t shot before. Tariq and Gina met in Canada and fell in love. Very down to earth and humble, we were more of friends than vendors for the family. Here was Gina’s reaction after we shared her our work:

“I cried my eyes out!!!!!!!!!!! It is absolutely beautiful! I cannot even type right now I’m crying so hard. I love u guys so much my heart yearns to hug you guys right now. Thank you for this wonderful gift to me. If u could see the look in my sisters eyes, for that I thank you. If you could feel the emotion in my moms heart or see it on my face. For this I thank you. I thank you for gifting me perfection and the love I feel in cinematic symphony, I could not have have entrusted this with anyone else but you guys”

We were also featured in Shaadisaga for a wedding story and Neha was sweet to speak to us about the same.


We wish Gina and Tariq a fantastic married life. Rock on guys!  You can also have a look at the wedding story on our Blog.