The Dream Wedding : {Manisha+Mahadevan} A Tamarind Tree Wedding, Bangalore

This Wedding film is about two amazing people : Manisha and Mahadevan, who got married in one of the most beautiful way they could imagine.A Tamarind Tree wedding,  this wedding was definitely one of the year’s most fun, exciting projects we’ve worked on. From the Mehendi to the Reception, every aspect of the event was an amazing get together of two families who enjoyed, lived each moment in celebration of the two people.

I would like to thank personally all the family members of Manisha and MD who were very supportive to our crew members during the shoot. We wish them loads of “Happy” ness.


We remember Manisha and meeting her at her home and listening to her plan a personal wedding. She pays attention to detail and loved our previous wedding films. This was one Tamil Iyer wedding which we were glad to be a part of. And we are so glad the wedding turned out this way and god bless the fun couple. A Tamarind Tree Wedding is always special for us- the outdoor ambience adds a difference energy to the weddings that take place here.

Here are some images from the wedding:

manisha-madhadevan-wedding tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-001 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1001
tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1050 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1061 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1068 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1079 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1081 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1084 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1085 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1110 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1125 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1210 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1212 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1217 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1237 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1276 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1294 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1319 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1339 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1355 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1370 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1371 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1373 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1380 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1425 tamarind-tree-bangalore-wedding-photography-1461


Here was Manisha’s reaction when she saw the video :

“I really don’t know what to say. I think if i start thinking of words I will start crying again like in the reception..hehe :P…and the times i cried each time i watched this highlight (which is already more than 20times now). You guys did an amazing job…the music you guys chose was the best! And the moments captured were really incredible and the perfect ones! I know it must have been so hard condensing a 3 day function into just 10 mins, but you guys did it very tastefully. The time-lapse was icing on the cake and all the angles you guys shot from were just brilliant! I am truly humbled that you highlighted it as ‘Manisha‘s dream wedding’. 🙂 I look forward to hearing all of the reception speeches…especially Mahadevan‘s! And of course seeing all the Sangeet performances! And the baraat dancing!!! This highlight has gotten me even more excited to see the rest!! BUT i think for time being this video should suffice!! I would LOVE to shared it with friends and more family. Do send me the link to share. My parents, brother and of course Mahadevan (the ones who have seen the video so far) cannot stop appreciating you guys!!!

Thanks again for everything…you guys are truly awesome…and I can honestly say are one of the most precious parts of our wedding! “

Manisha and MD, you guys took your wedding to the next level of enjoying :).  We are glad to be a part of this super celebration.