Our wedding films are a visual narrative of the wedding, capturing those beautiful moments from the precious days of your lives. We love to tell a personal story out of each wedding we shoot. Our wedding films are crisp, to the point and something which you would see again and again for long time. A wedding film is simply not meant for documentation but to tell a meaningful, everlasting story out of it. The Joy, tears, happiness and most importantly the people. Hence we prefer calling our works wedding films than wedding videos.

When you see our wedding films, you realise that each one is unique and personal. Not one resembles another.

Let your wedding story be special. Why should it be a template?

Love in Paradise : A Kashmiri Wedding Video in Srinagar {Gina + Tariq}

This Kashmiri Wedding Video is a heart-touching tale of two amazing people - Gina and Tariq. Shot in Srinagar, Kashmir, this video is a very special one for us. The beautiful kashmiri wedding documentary video showcases the beauty of Kashmir,

Malaysian Indian Wedding highlights {Divya+Benjamin}

Every wedding comes with a unique essence of story. Divya and Benjamin's story is one such. Our first ever Malaysian Indian wedding highlights, and we had a super time at Kuala Lumpur capturing these moments. This Wedding highlights shall take your

The Dream Wedding : {Manisha+Mahadevan} A Tamarind Tree Wedding, Bangalore

This Wedding film is about two amazing people : Manisha and Mahadevan, who got married in one of the most beautiful way they could imagine.A Tamarind Tree wedding,  this wedding was definitely one of the year's most fun, exciting projects we've

Faith in Love {Sanjana +Akshay} : Candid Wedding Film & Photography Story in Delhi

An amazing celebration of Sanjana and Akshay's wedding that truly tells a wonderful journey of Love, patience and Happiness. Shot in Delhi, we were part of a 2-3 day celebration which we had a great time being a part of.

A Beautiful Christian wedding video {Ruth+Nikhil} Shot @Hudson Memorial Bangalore

Here's a beautiful Christian wedding video of two amazing people - Ruth and Nikhil are a definitely a match made in heaven. This video shall surely touch your soul. Shot at the Hudson Memorial Church Bangalore. A Wedding film by

Love in the Western Ghats : The Kannada Wedding Video : {Kiran + Sushma}

Here is a Kannada wedding video and photography story which will make your day. This is the story of Kiran and Sushma, who decided to get married in the most personal, beautiful way possible. This wedding is also a great

When I am with you {Mridula+Prashanth} :A Tamil Iyer Wedding Film

Presenting a beautiful tamil iyer wedding film of Mridula and Prashanth, whose love for each other can make you cry and smile at the same time. Shot by Creative Chisel. "Do I need to say why? The day our wedding

Strangers in Love {Pooja+Somas} : A Tamil Iyer Wedding Film and Photography Story

A wedding has thousand moments of Joy, Tears, Happiness and Emotions. The Tamil Iyer wedding of Pooja and Somas was one of those rare events where emotions were full flow in every single moment we captured. One of the most


By now you must have realised that our wedding films are more than just videos, and do not follow a pattern. We try to know the story of the bride and the groom personally, understand their backgrounds, the likes and dislikes and then plan something interesting. Like the Kashmiri wedding film brought the character of the place into the video, while the story of Mridula and Prashanth was their narrative love story. It is very important to identify the heart of each wedding story, and that comes through our experience of narrating beautiful wedding stories. You can also head out to our blog section to find more wedding films and photography stories. Our experiences also comes from the fact that we are filmmakers first, and not from the hardcore traditional wedding industry. Storytelling is the essence of any wedding, and that is how we see them. We see every wedding film as a story itself- About your special day which you can relive forever.